Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Style: Anything skater

I have so many dresses and skirts all with one thing in common. I think I have a problem when it comes to skater styles I might be slightly addicted. I think it all stems down to the fact that it is such a flattering cut.

I would wear everything skater if I could but the shops keep stocking them so I keeping buying. I just think they are such an easy way to create an outfit and they are flattering. Skater skirts ad crop tops are such an easy look to achieve. They can be as dressy as you want them to be. They are the ultimate day to night attire. 

My love also extends to skater dresses. A lot of shops sell bodycon dresses. I'm not bodycon ready so I wouldn't wear one. But it can be a struggle in certain shops to find an outfit that isn't skin tight.  There are so many skater dresses out there now that it isn't really a problem anymore. Skater dresses are ideal if you are on the curvier side like myself.  

The only thing I would be concerned about is to make sure the waist falls in the right place. Sometimes it may fall  low or high which makes it unflattering. Its only on a rare occasion when this might happen. Just try before you buy.

ASOS have so many skater dresses and skirts so you will definitely find one you like. They also stock River Island and New Look who also stock a variety of items. 

Stockists L-R
New Look Green Tartan Skirt - Look in store

*all these  stores offer student discount through NUS or MyUnidays apart from River Island. It is possible to have student discount on ASOS or special NUS days at River Island.