Wednesday, 5 February 2014

House of Holland Nailed by Elegant Touch: Tweed & Heartbreaker

Nail art is one of my favourite things to look at. I follow so many instagram pages filled with nail art pictures but sadly my natural nails aren't up to much. I admit I don't take the best care of my nails but to get my nail art fix I use to sticks on. My second love after nail art are definitely stiletto nails. When I found out House of Holland and Elegant touch were combining my two favourite things, I couldn't wait to buy them!

I purchased both the Tweed and Heartbreaker nails which are both stilettos. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of my Heartbreaker nails before I painted over them. I have a picture of them painted though.

They currently retail for £7.99. I purchased mine in Boots but I have seen them on ASOS and they are available from the elegant touch website. I think they are worth the money it as they do last. I managed 5 days wear before I needed to glue one back on. It does say you are suppose to remove them with acetone. However, I just wait until they have given up on life which is usually after 10 days. 

If you aren't use to long nails I would not suggest them. They are functional but may feel alien otherwise.

I am definitely purchasing these nails again and look forward to the new designs.