Sunday, 9 March 2014

Has Contouring gone too far?

I was scrolling through Instagram this week just looking at the usual makeup pages, when I was stopped by a contouring post. This may not be a new concept to many but I had never seen contoured collar bones. I'm all for contouring the face, I love it! But contouring collar bones where they never were just seems odd. 

My main question is Why?
I don't understand the appeal. I already think contours create a face you don't necessarily have. But surely creating a bone is a step too far. I think this raises many concerns. Is it attractive for your collar bones to be prominent? Shouldn't we all appreciate our collar bones for what they actually are? I understand this may occur naturally on certain people. I'm not suggesting I dislike that but to create them is a different story. 

I don't think I will be joining this stage of contouring. My biggest fear would be one rubbing off whilst I'm out. 

I suppose its an each to their own situation, however, for me its definitely a no go.