Thursday, 24 April 2014

Maxitone 4kg Kettlebell

This post is different from what I usually post but it is still a review. I am currently on a health kick trying to lose weight and improve my health. I have been going to gym but my gym is back at uni so I started doing dvds whilst on Easter break. This is really cringey but my favourite exercise dvd is Clubland Work it Out. I started getting bored so I started to research other dvds and exercises I could do at home. Enter the kettlebell. After reading around the benefits of kettlebells I was sold. 

A kettlebell is a great way to combine cardio and strength training allowing for full body conditioning. The major benefit of a kettlebell is its calorie burning. In a 20 minute kettlebell workout studies have shown you can burn up to 400 calories. This means you can spend less time working out for the same effects. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

I am already familiar with the Maxitone brand so I was open to trying their products. I purchased this for £10.99 from Argos.  I didn't want to spend too much so this was perfect. They also sell 2 other sizes 6kg & 8kg.

I think this is the perfect size for a beginner like myself. I am hoping to progress to heavier weights as I build up my strength. 

I am currently following the Jillian Shred it with weights which I am loving. I was going to purchase it but found level 1 on youtube.  I had also seen reviews saying it wouldn't work because of the dvd region on Amazon. I would recommend this dvd but it also says you can use a dumbbell.

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