Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Scholl Express Pedi

Ever since moving to uni my feet have been getting hard. Its probably due to the fact I actually had to start doing things and walking about a lot. But it most definitely has to do with my love of flat shoes. However, the express pedi has made my silky smooth feet reappear.
I purchased this from Amazon for £19.99(currently £24.99). It has gone up in price now but if you wait it out I think the price may go down.  But it isn't often sold at its full price(£39.99).

 It gently buffs the hard skin whilst the roller spins. It isn't sharp so is painless. I was surprised by how effective it was. I use this after I've had a shower or bath but make sure your feet are completely dry. It doesn't take long for your feet to be silky smooth. I would recommend a good foot cream for when you're finished. 

Always remember to knock off the dead skin. I like to give my feet a quick rub with a towel just to make sure its all gone. So far I haven't had to replace the roller.

This will become very handy in summer when sandals and flip flops become a staple.