Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Eye Kandy Cosmetics: Sugar Cane and Toffee

I found Eye Kandy Cosmetics after my search for glitter for my end of year ball makeup. I wanted glitter because I thought my makeup would look pretty bland without it. I managed to find Eye Kandy Cosmetics after a little google search which led to a purchase. I purchased the two glitters Sugar Cane and Toffee.
As you can see in the picture Toffee is a lot finer than Sugar Cane. Sugar Cane has more of a gritty feel. On the day I wore them both by mixing them together in a separate pot. I was being indecisive and couldn't decide which looked better.
You can purchase the pots for £6.50 each which I thought was reasonable compared to the other brands I was looking at. The website does a glitter fixer called liquid sugar but I just purchased a stargazer one from Amazon.

I really liked this glitter and thought it was easy to work with. The fall out did become a problem at first but I found if I mixed the glitter with the fixer there wasn't much fall out. To clean up the fall out I used a bit of parcel tape. Just blot it a bit so it is less sticky.

Here's a quick picture of a look I created 

There are so many colours to choose from which vary from superfine, fine and sugar. I think Sugar Cane is a sugar which creates a bigger impact. But for a softer effect I think the superfine and fines will work as well. 

You can purchase all the glitters directly from Eye Kandy Cosmetics. 
 Also take a look at their Instagram for eye looks and deals http://instagram.com/eyekandycosmetics#.