Friday, 20 June 2014

The Fault in Our Stars: Is it really a bestseller?

This is definitely going to be a controversial blog post. Unlike the masses of people who love this book I was left underwhelmed and irritated. I will say right now this book in my eyes is definitely not a masterpiece.So many people refer to this book as life changing and thought provoking. All I have to say to that is, really?

Please don't hate me but I just don't understand the hype. I am glad I didn't buy this book as I had borrowed it from a friend. My friend liked this book but for me I found it lack lustre and boring. It could be that I went in to reading this book with high expectations or the fact it is actually poor. 

The writing style for me was very confused in places. It didn't follow a set plan it was difficult to pinpoint what this story was actually trying to portray. Is this a love story? On many levels it attempts to be a love story but falls flat. The romance within this book is forced in order to create a purpose. But it is never fully developed to its full potential.

This failed attempt at a love story is not my only issue with this book. The characters did not grab me. I found the development of the characters poor with little growth. The more I read the more I disliked the characters. I found Hazel and Augustus were just the male and female version of each other. Their dialogues were bland and pretentious written in ways teenagers would unlikely speak. On many levels Augustus character lacks the realism part which needed to be developed.
 Maybe I expected too much from this book. In order to be thought provoking I would have liked the struggles sufferers of Cancer face to be explored without the need for unnecessary jokes. I understand they were suppose to make light of the situation but they didn't. This story was oversimplified with under developed plot lines and characters.

I only finished this book because I had already started. I wasn't reading this book for enjoyment but purely for the fact it needed to be read. 

I'm sorry if you enjoyed this book but it didn't hit the spot for me. But, hey you can't please everyone.