Monday, 25 August 2014

DIY Makeup Brush Holders

I like to be able to grab my makeup brushes and see where they are. They also look pretty on display. I made some makeup brush holders with little vases from Dunelm Mill but fancied a change. Even though I chose to use the same glitter and they basically look the same just round but anyway (girl problems). I love candles so have a few empty jars so I thought I would use them to make my new makeup brush holders.

Here's what I used 

I used basic PVA glue but you can use mod podge if you like. You also need foam brushes which are available in most craft stores or ebay. If you're buying mod podge you can buy it with foam brushes as a bundle. I used acetone just to make sure the surface was clean but you can also just wash them in warm soapy water or use alcohol. You also need the old candle jars and glitter. I purchased 100g of Penny Copper glitter for £3.49 from Ebay,
I still have half a bag left so a little goes a long way. 

I forgot to take pictures of me removing the leftover candle wax. I will just describe it and hope you understand, it isn't really complicated. I just boiled a large pot of water and placed the jar in it. It should start to melt the wax then I just push the wax with a knife and it should pop out. Also because it has been in the hot water it is easier to remove the labels. If you get any sticky residue just use acetone or even nail polish remover. You can also put them in the freezer.  There are loads of tutorials of this process on youtube though if you get stuck. 

You definitely want to put paper down to protect surfaces (or a Look magazine). For a base layer before just coating it in glitter I mixed glitter, glue and water. They don't have to be specific measurements just don't add too much water. You want it to be a bit paste like. 

To create the stripes I just used tape. Make sure it is completely dry before you remove the tape but also clean up any glitter that gets on the tape. If the stripe is attached to the tape it can make the edges jagged.

Here is the finished product with some of my makeup brushes

I think they turned out pretty nice. Can't wait to take them to my uni house. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.